ICLAS – International Coordination Group on Laser Atmospheric Studies

Constitution and Bylaws – View here

ICLAS Charter and Purpose

    • To promote international research on the development, improvement, and use of lidars to increase our understanding of atmospheric processes.
    • To provide a forum for scientific exchange by organizing international conferences and workshops.
    • To foster cooperation between and coordinate national associations of lidar researchers.
  • To promote the organization of international lidar measurement campaigns or networks to study atmospheric species, processes, and trends.

Officers & Membership

The ICLAS is composed of two bodies:

  1. a Working Group  (Chairman and approximately 13 members with 6-year terms)
  2. Standing committees (with no term limits)

All ICLAS members participate in discussions, but only the Working Group members and Chairman can vote.

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Atmospheric Lidar Missions

ICESat (NASA)2003-2010
CATS (NASA) on ISS2015 -
ADM-Aeolus (ESA)2018 -
EarthCARE (ESA-JAXA)To be launched in 2023