These conferences, held biennially, bring together an interdisciplinary group of scientists working in the field of laser remote sensing as applied to the atmosphere, earth and oceans. The conferences are held under the auspices of the International Coordination-group for Laser Atmospheric Studies (ICLAS) of the International Radiation Commission, International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics. ICLAS is the parent organization for these ILRCs, which are held during even years. Through the cooperation of many societies and organizations, “national” lidar conferences and conferences/workshops associated with specific or related aspects of lidar research are held during odd years. ILRCs highlight application results and recent technological advances in laser remote sensing of the atmosphere, ocean and surface properties. Suggested topics include but are not limited to aerosols and clouds, temperature and humidity, atmospheric trace gases and chemistry, air quality, bioaerosols, winds, transport processes, dynamics of the atmosphere, radiative transfer, radiation budget, space lidar, lidar networking, precision altimetry, and commercial lidar.