ILRC Awards 2006-today

YearNameILRC Award
2006Ed Eloranta

for his outstanding paper 3O-10 entitled: "Arctic Observations with the
Univ. of Wisconsin HSRL".
Best Oral
2006Ina Mattis, Leibnitz Institute for Tropospheric Research

for her outstanding paper 2P-40 entitled: "Automated Lidar Data Analyzer (ALDA) for RAMSES - the Autonomously Operating German Meteorological Service Raman L:idar for Atmospheric Moisture Sensing"
Best Poster(s)
2006Shane Mayor, NCAR

for her outstanding paper 2P-25 entitled: "REAL (Raman-shifted Eyesafe Aerosol Lidar) : 1.5 micron Wavelength Scanning Polarization Lidar"
Best Poster(s)
2008A.J.C. (Stijn) Berkhout
National institute for Public Health and the Environment, P.O. Box 1, 3720 BA, Bilthoven, The Netherlands

for his outstanding paper S06O-05 entitled: "Measuring Ammonia Emissions from Manured Fields with a Mobile Lidar System"
Best Oral
2008Amin Nehrir
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept., Montana State University, Cobleigh 610, Bozeman, MT 59717, USA

for his outstanding paper S10P-09 entitled: "Water Vapor Profiling using a Compact Widely Tunable Diode Laser Differential Absorption Lidar"
Best Poster(s)
2008Volker Freudenthaler
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Theresienstr. 37, 80333 Munich, Germany

for hir outstanding paper S01P-30 entitled: "The Telecover Test: A Quality Assurance Tool for the Optical Part of a Lidar System"
Best Poster(s)
2010Xinzhao ChuBest Poster(s)
2010Thierry LeblancBest Poster(s)
2012Jörg SchmidtBest Oral
2012Elina GiannakakiBest Poster(s)
2015Johnathan HairuBest Oral
2015Monika AggarwalBest Student Oral
2015Patricia SawamuraBest Poster(s)
2015Willem MaraisBest Student Poster(s)
2017J. ReichardtBest Oral
2017M. HaaritzBest Student Oral
2017V. FreudenthalerBest Poster(s)
2017T. KubotaBest Student Poster(s)
2019Xiaoxia ShangBest Oral
2019Philipp GaschBest Student Oral
2019Andreas BehrendtBest Poster
2019Adrien GenoudBest Student Poster